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Effect of the preparation method on the catalytic performance of Ca3Co4O9 for methane oxidation

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The layered structure oxide Ca3Co4O9 particle was synthesized by two routes of citrate sol–gel method. The structure, morphology and surface property of Ca3Co4O9 was characterized by XRD, SEM and XPS, respectively. The catalytic activity of Ca3Co4O9 for methane combustion was tested in a fixed bed quartz tubular microreactor. The catalysis results reveal that the catalytic activity is sensitive to the texture of Ca3Co4O9 by different route. TG measures confirm that the small particle size of Ca3Co4O9 favors the oxygen transformation on the surface, which can be ascribed the random distribution of the crystal axes in irregular Ca3Co4O9 particle.

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The authors acknowledge support from the Nature Science Foundation of the Department of Education of Anhui (KJ2009A023Z) and the Open Fund of Anhui Key Laboratory of Controllable Chemistry Reaction and Material Chemical Engineering.

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Feng, S., Yang, W. Effect of the preparation method on the catalytic performance of Ca3Co4O9 for methane oxidation. J Sol-Gel Sci Technol 58, 330–333 (2011).

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