Glycol-modified silanes as versatile precursors in the synthesis of thin periodically organized silica films


Optically transparent, hexagonally organized mesoporous silica films with variable thickness have been synthesized from aqueous solutions of tetrakis(2-hydroxyethyl)orthosilicate (EGMS) in the presence of an amphiphilic structure-directing agent (Pluronic P123). Two different methods for film formation have been compared: spin coating from a highly concentrated and viscous precursor solution comprising EGMS, P123 and water/HCl via a direct templating of a preformed LC phase and spin coating from diluted solutions in tetrahydrofuran, thus following a cooperative self-organization process induced by solvent-evaporation. The influence of processing parameters such as pH-value, concentration of the precursors as well as aging of the sol on the periodic mesostructure is investigated.

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We thank C. Egger for nitrogen sorption measurements. JK acknowledges financial support from the EC NMP-CT-2005-515846 (NAPOLYDE).

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