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Study of the accelerator production of 169Yb radioisotope via various particles nuclear reactions


The production of brachytherapy radio-nuclide 169Yb was investigated in the 169Tm(p,n), 170Yb(p,2n), 171Yb(p,3n), 172Yb(p,4n), 169Tm(d,2n), 168Er(α,3n), 167Er(α,2n) and 166Er(α,n) reactions. The cross section of these reactions were calculated using TALYS 1.9 code and compared with the available experimental results. SRIM-2013 code and GEANT4 toolkit were used to calculate the stopping power, range and projectile flux within the target. The optimum target thickness, theoretical and simulation production yield of 169Yb radioisotope in each reaction were calculated. Finally, the 169Tm(p, n) reaction with high production yield was suggested to produce 169Yb radioisotope.

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The authors would like to thank Yazd University Research Council for their financial support.

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  • 169yb radio-nuclide
  • Charge particle induced reactions
  • Production yield
  • TALYS-1.9
  • SRIM-2013
  • GEANT4