Analyses of radionuclides in the Oued Awlitis 001 and Galb Inal lunar meteorites by HPGe gamma-ray spectrometry


Highly sensitive nondestructive HPGe gamma-ray spectrometry was used for the analysis of the cosmogenic (26Al) and primordial (40K, 238U, and 232Th) radionuclides in the Oued Awlitis 001 and Galb Inal lunar meteorites. The measured 26Al activities were very different (84.0 ± 4.8 dpm/kg vs. 8.4 ± 1.2 dpm/kg, respectively), mainly because of different cosmic-ray exposure ages of the investigated meteorites. The pre-atmospheric radii were 5 ± 1 cm and 11 ± 2 cm, respectively, which would result in total pre-atmospheric masses in the range of 0.7–2.5 kg and 7–23 kg, respectively.

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The Bratislava group acknowledges a support provided by the Slovak Science and Grant Agency (VEGA-1/0891/17) and by the EU Research and Development Operational Program funded by the ERDF (Projects Nos. 26240120012 and 26240120026). We are grateful to three anonymous reviewers for constructive comments.

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The Oued Awlitis 001 and Galb Inal meteorites investigated in this paper were provided by the Natural History Museum in Vienna (Austria).

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  • Lunar meteorites
  • Oued Awlitis 001
  • Galb Inal
  • HPGe gamma-ray spectrometry
  • Pre-atmospheric meteorite radius