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Meteoric 10Be concentrations in the center of Mexico


The 1MV AMS system installed at National Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Laboratory (LEMA) has been used to determine the meteoric 10Be concentrations from particulate matter at the center of Mexico during 2012. The meteoric 10Be concentration range between (1.1 ± 14%, and 5.1 ± 12%) × 104 atoms m−3. In this work, we presented the first data of concentrations of meteoric 10Be found in this kind of samples by using AMS technique in Mexico.

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The authors are grateful to all collaborators that contributed to this work. This research was funded by Grants CONACyT LN-280769, LN-294537, and the DGAPA-PAPIIT AG100619, IG100313, IG101016, and IA103218. We thank Elizabeth Romero for her contribution to the elemental analysis at ININ and Sergio Martínez for his technical support.

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Correspondence to C. G. Méndez-García.

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  • Accelerator mass spectrometry
  • Radiochemistry
  • Meteoric 10Be
  • PM10
  • Mexico city
  • Cuernavaca