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Non-destructive analysis of pure-beta emitters: applications in nuclear forensics


This paper describes the development of a non-destructive method for analysis of pure-beta minus radioactive sources. An experimental set-up based on plastic scintillation detection system was built for this purpose. It was tested using standard 90Sr/90Y radioactive sources. The experimental results were compared to theoretical calculations based on Fermi’s beta decay theory as well as with Monte-Carlo simulations using a predefined GEANT4 code named rdecay01. All the obtained results showed to be in good agreement.

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We would like to thank Dr. Alexandru Balaceanu of IFIN-HH for his contribution in providing the old detectors for the new build beta spectrometer and Vlad Vramulet of IFIN-HH for providing the radioactive sources of interest.

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  • 90Sr/90Y radioactive sources
  • Beta spectrometry
  • Nuclear forensics
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