201Tl production through light charged-particle induced reactions on Tl and Hg isotopes: theoretical and simulation approaches


Investigation of the significant 201Tl diagnostic radionuclide production via protons and deuterons induced reactions by using the 203Tl, 201Hg and 202Hg isotope targets is the main goal of this study. The effect of three phenomenological and microscopic level density models utilizing the TALYS-1.8 code along with TENDL-2017 data were applied to excitation functions evaluations. Furthermore, simulation code was used for the above production processes. Subsequently the prediction of the production yield in each reaction was done. Finally, the comparison between EXFOR database experimental data and the theoretical and simulation-based calculations was implemented.

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The authors would like to give thanks to Prof. Claudio Tenreiro (Talca University, Chile) for giving MCNPX outputs.

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  • 201Tl
  • Level density models
  • Excitation function
  • Production yield
  • TALYS 1.8