Kinetic study of uranium transport via a bulk liquid membrane containing Alamine 336 as a carrier


A kinetic study of the uranium transport from the sulfate medium through the bulk liquid membrane was conducted by Alamine 336 as a carrier. The effects of the sulfuric acid and uranium concentration in the donor phase, (NH4)2CO3 concentration in the acceptor phase and carrier concentration in the liquid membrane phase on the uranium transport were investigated. Maximum transport (83.12%) was obtained at 0.0125 mol L−1 Alamine 336 in the liquid membrane phase, 0.5 mol L−1 (NH4)2CO3 in the acceptor phase and 0.15 mol L−1 H2SO4 and 50 mg L−1 uranium in the donor phase after 24 h.

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  • Bulk liquid membrane
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  • Sulfate medium
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