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Modified diglycolamides for grouped actinide separation


The EURO-grouped actinide extraction process has been developed to co-separate transuranic actinide elements from spent nuclear fuel, based on an organic solvent composed of two extractants, a diglycolamide (TODGA) and a malonamide (DMDOHEMA). This work aims to simplify the organic formulation, replacing the two extractants with a single modified diglycolamide. Batch experiments were carried out with the new formulation, investigating the extraction behaviour of transuranic elements and important FPs under high Pu loading. The solvent had a Pu loading capacity of > 30 g/L and yielded low distribution ratios for problematic elements, i.e., Sr, Zr, Mo and Fe for acidities up to 2 M HNO3. Although further optimization is needed, the tested molecule is a very promising candidate for a simplified organic solvent for this type of separation.

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The authors gratefully acknowledge financial support from the EU GENIORS project and Åforsk foundation.

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