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Table 1 Analytical scenario where an approach capable of processing large, organic-rich samples matrices may be beneficial

From: A new bomb-combustion system for tritium extraction

3H analysis scenario Analytical requirements/challenges
Environmental monitoring Analysis of biota to assess potential food-chain transfer and dose to critical groups. Typically large sample sizes must be prepared in order to meet demanding limits of detection (LODs). This is particularly applicable to the assessment of organically bound tritium (OBT) [7, 8]
Nuclear decommissioning Representative analysis of certain organic-rich orphan wastes such as plastics, elastomeric materials and oils that are difficult to process by other extraction techniques
Fusion reactor operations Analysis of 3H contaminated soft wastes (e.g. gloves, coveralls, plastic sheeting, paper towel). Contamination may be heterogeneously distributed due to composition and large samples are required to ensure representative analysis