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The effect of counting conditions on pure beta emitter determination by Cherenkov counting


The Cherenkov counting efficiencies measured by three commercially available liquid scintillation counters, Triathler, Tri-Carb 3180, Hidex 300 SL were compared. The influences of energy of pure beta emitters, volume, and solvent as well as instrument type on Cherenkov counting efficiency were studied. The best Cherenkov counting efficiencies are on the Hidex 300 SL and when methanol is used as a solvent. It could be concluded that the sensitivities of low-level versions of Tri-Carb and Hidex 300 SL are comparable. Based on the overall results obtained it has been concluded that the TDCR Cherenkov counting is well suited for routine quantitative determination of low activities of high energetic beta emitters.

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  • TDCR Cherenkov efficiency
  • Pure beta emitters
  • Hidex 300 SL
  • Tri-Carb 3180 TR/SL
  • Triathler multilabel counter