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New materials synthesized from ash under moderate conditions for removal of toxic and radioactive metals


Power plant ash was used to synthesize new materials by hydrothermal treatment and ultrasonic activation in an alkaline medium (5 M NaOH) under moderate experimental conditions. The obtained materials were characterized by a variety of techniques (SEM/EDS, INAA, XRD, FTIR, BET). Preliminary investigation of the Ba, Cd, Cr, Cs, Eu and U removal efficiency was performed by batch experiments using radiotracers and spectroscopic techniques as well as desorption studies. The results indicated that the new materials are very efficient in removing the above mentioned metals from aqueous solutions and can be considered as potential low-cost sorbents in environmental technology.

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This paper was performed with the support of POSDRU CUANTUMDOC “Doctoral Studies for European Performances in Research and Inovation” ID79407 Project funded by the European Social Found and Romanian Government. The authors would like to acknowledge the staff at the School of Science of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki for the SEM/EDS, IR and BET measurements and the staff of the reactor TU-Delft Institute, The Netherlands (NMI3-II Grant No. 283883) for the INAA measurements.

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