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Rare earth elements determination and distribution patterns in granite rock samples by using INAA absolute method

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Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry Aims and scope Submit manuscript


This work determined elemental concentrations for rare earth elements (REE) in granite rock samples using the INAA absolute method. The accuracy of INAA absolute method was determined by analyzing two of USGS STM-1 and MAG-1 standards. The analytical results agreed reasonably well with certified values. In general, all analytical results had Z score less than 1.0 excepting Yb. The REE found in granite rock samples ranged from 116 to 325 mg kg−1. The total content of REE in granite rock samples was 206 mg kg−1. Patterns for REE were also studied in the present work.

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The authors would like to thank UniversitiTeknologi Malaysia (UTM) for providing financial support through Research University Grant Scheme (RUGS), Project Number (Q.J130000.2526.07H7) and Postdoctoral Research University Fellowship (PDRU) Vote Number (Q.J130000.21A2.01E16). The authors wish to gratefully acknowledge the Malaysian Nuclear Agency (NM) staff for their cooperation. Special thanks to Prof. Dr. Wan Fuad Wan Hassan, Hanson Quarry Products (Kulai), Kim Seng Quarry and the Ulu Choh quarry (Kamad Quarry) for providing the samples for this study.

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