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George Hevesy Medal Award 2015: call for nomination and guidelines

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Call for nomination

The George Hevesy Medal Award is the premier international award of excellence in radioanalytical and nuclear chemistry. It is awarded to an individual in recognition of excellence through outstanding, sustained career achievements in the fields of pure as well as applied nuclear and radiochemistry, particularly applications to nuclear analytical chemistry. Established originally in 1968 by the publishers of the Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry (JRNC), the George Hevesy Medal Award has been given during 1968–1986 to 19 distinguished individuals whose contributions have traced and defined the scope and depth of radioanalysis through prolific postwar years of the nuclear era. Their achievements ranged from pioneering radioactivation analysis methodology and applications, through development of radiochemical separation procedures and analytical schemes to radiotracer applications to analysis such as substoichiometric isotopic dilution analysis,...

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