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Ground based radon (222Rn) observations in Bucharest, Romania and their application to geophysics

  • M. ZoranEmail author
  • R. Savastru
  • D. Savastru


Atmospheric radon concentration was continuously monitored in Bucharest-Magurele area both near the ground at 1 m height as well as at 10 m height. This paper presents the results of radon in air near the ground concentrations obtained during the 1 July 2010 to 1 February 2012 period by use of solid state nuclear track detectors SSNTD CR-39. The mean atmospheric radon concentration near the ground at 1 m height was found to be 360.91 ± 66.49 Bq/m3, which was about more than an order of magnitude lower than average radon concentration in range of 44.92 ± 9.94 Bq/m3 recorded for period 1 August 2011 to 20 December 2011 at 10 m height by AlphaGUARD Radon monitor. The meteorological effects on the variation of atmospheric radon concentration were discussed. The analysis of spatio-temporal variations in time series radon concentration in air near the ground is a useful tool to study geo-dynamical processes associated with seismic activity in active Vrancea zone in Romania. Taking off the variations induced by external variables, such as temperature, barometric pressure, rainfall, and other meteorological parameters, can be assessed radon anomalies due to possible tectonic movements and also can be surveyed radioactivity background in relation with nuclear emergencies.


Radon in air Geophysical tracer SSNTD CR-39 Bucharest-Magurele Vrancea Romania 



This work was supported by the PN Program, Project: No. 09 27 01 03/2011-INOE of Romanian Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport.


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