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Continuous separation of Sr, Y and some actinides by mixed solvent anion exchange and determination of 89,90Sr, 238,239Pu and 241Am in soil and vegetation samples


Methodology for the determination of 89,90Sr, Am and Pu isotopes in complex samples is given. Methodology is based on simultaneous isolation of Sr, Y and actinides from samples by mixed solvent anion exchange chromatography, mutual separation of 89,90Sr and 90Y from actinides, mutual separation of Th, Pu and Am by extraction chromatography, quantitative determination of 89,90Sr by Cherenkov counting and quantitative determination of Pu and Am isotopes in soil and vegetation samples by alpha spectrometry. It is shown that Y and Sr can be efficiently separated from alkaline, alkaline earth and transition elements as well as from lanthanides and actinides on the column filed by strong base anion exchanger in nitrate form and 0.25 M HNO3 in mixture of ethanol and methanol as eluent. It is also shown that Pu, Am and Th strongly binds on the mentioned column, can be separated from number of elements and easily be eluted from column by water. After elution actinides were mutually separated on TRU column and electrodeposited on stainless steel disc. Examination of conditions of electrodeposition was shown that chloride-oxalate electrolyte with addition of DTPA in presence of sodium hydrogen sulphate in cell with cooling and rotating platinum anode enables deposition of actinides within 1 h by 0.8 A cm−2 current density. Obtained peaks FWHM for Pu, Am and Th isotopes are between 27 and 40 keV. Scanning electron microscopy picture and ED XRF analysis of electroplated discs showed that actinide deposition is followed by iron oxide formation on disc surface. The methodology was tested by determination of 89,90Sr, Am and Pu isotopes in ERA proficiency testing samples (low level activity samples). Obtained results shows that 89,90Sr, 241Am and 238,239Pu can be simultaneously separated on anion exchange column, 89,90Sr can be determined by Cherenkov counting with a satisfactory accuracy and limit of determination within 1–3 days after separation. 241Am and 238,239Pu can easily be separated on TRU column and determined after electrodeposition with acceptable accuracy within 1 day.

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  • 89,90Sr
  • Alpha emitters
  • Mixed solvent
  • Anion exchange
  • Separation
  • Electrodeposition
  • Cherenkov counting