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Radon levels assessment in relation with seismic events in Vrancea region

  • M. ZoranEmail author
  • R. Savastru
  • D. Savastru


Due to the subcrustal earthquakes located at the sharp bend of the Southeast Carpathians, Vrancea zone in Romania has a high potential seismic hazard in Europe. Among several seismic precursors, radon anomalies in air, ground, and groundwater in the epicentral areas can be associated with the strain stress changes that occurred before and after earthquakes. In order to support this theoretical view, the main aim of this paper was to investigate temporal variations of radon concentration levels in air near the ground and in ground air by the use of solid state nuclear track detectors CR-39 and LR-115 in relation with some seismic events at two seismic stations Vrancioaia and Plostina, located in Vrancea active region. This paper reports essentially the observation of radon concentration levels in the air near the ground at 1 m height for the earthquakes that occurred during the period of November 2010–October 2011 and moment magnitudes M w in the range of \( 2.0 \le M_{\text{w}} \le 4.9 \). The average radon concentration in air above the ground measured with CR-39 detectors recorded for 1 year period in Vrancea area was 1,094.58 ± 150.3 Bq/m3 and 10 days fluctuations were placed in the range of 129 ± 40 Bq/m3 and 5,888 ± 700 Bq/m3. Also have been reported measurements of in soil radon concentrations in drill holes at 0.5 m depths during period of March 1977–October 1980, just after 4 March 1977, M w 7.4 Vrancea earthquake. The knowledge of air–ground–gas 222Rn anomalies is very important for earthquake pre-signals assessment as well as for precisely location of geologic active faults.


Radon in air and soil Seismic events Vrancea zone Romania 



This work was supported by the PN Program, Project: No. 09 27 01 03/2011-INOE of Romanian Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport.


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  1. 1.National Institute of Research and Development for OptoelectronicsMagurele, IlfovRomania

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