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Web-based spectrum analysis software for photon activation analysis



Photon activation analysis (PAA) includes extensive data evaluation that is sensitive to error. In order to save time and minimize human error, a new computer program—photon activation analysis system (PAAS)—was designed, built and implemented using the SQL language and technology to analyze PAA data. Given peak information from PAA spectra and aided by a photonuclear data library, the program identifies the product isotopes, recognizes the possible nuclear reactions, and evaluates the concentration of target elements. Uncertainties of concentrations are estimated using standard error propagation techniques. The program can be accessed conveniently anywhere the internet is available and gives a fast and reliable determination of the trace elemental content of samples. Furthermore, this program also allow one to search its database for the information of general photonuclear reactions (e.g. energy lines, line intensities, target and product nuclides, photonuclear reactions, cross sections, natural abundance, etc.) and estimating the activity even before the activation begins. By switching the nuclide libraries, the program could also be expanded to neutron activation analysis and charged particle activation analysis (CPAA) without any difficulty. This program can be a versatile tool for the daily use of the nuclear and radiochemistry laboratories that conduct activation analysis.


Photon activation analysis (PAA) Photon activation analysis system (PAAS) Nuclear analysis Trace elements analysis 



This work was funded by the U.S. Department of Defense under grant No. DF-FC07-06 ID14780.


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  • Z. J. Sun
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  • C. Segebade
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  • D. Wells
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  • J. Green
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  1. 1. Idaho Accelerator CenterPocatelloUSA
  2. 2.Department of PhysicsIdaho State UniversityPocatelloUSA

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