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Upgrade of the prompt gamma activation analysis and the neutron-induced prompt gamma spectroscopy facilities at the Budapest research reactor


The Budapest Research Reactor’s Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis (PGAA) and Neutron-Induced Prompt gamma Spectroscopy (NIPS) facilities were significantly upgraded during the last few years. The higher neutron flux, achieved by the partial replacement and realignment of the neutron guides, made feasible the automation and specialization of the two experimental stations. A new neutron flux monitor, computer-controlled beam shutters and a low-level counting chamber have been put into operation to assist with in-beam activation experiments. An automatic sample changer has been installed at the PGAA station, while the NIPS station was redesigned and upgraded with a Compton suppressor to use for the non-destructive analysis of bulky samples. In the near future the latter setup will be completed with a neutron tomograph and a moving table, to turn it into a Neutron Radiography/Tomography-driven PGAA equipment.

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The authors gratefully acknowledge the NKTH NAP VENEUS project (contract no. OMFB-00184/2006) for the financial support and Mr. Kálmán Takács for his technical assistance. The collaboration of the Mirrotron Ltd. is acknowledged in the design and production of the beam shutter.

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