Determination of major and trace elements in iron reference materials using k0-NAA


Major and trace element contents in iron ore reference materials were investigated using k 0-instrumental neutron activation analysis (k 0-INAA). To avoid iron interferences, radiochemical separation was developed (k 0-RNAA). The determination of the investigated elements in the inorganic phase from hydrochloric acid solution was performed after radiochemical separation of iron by diisopropyl ether. It was found that after the Fe elimination, the limit of detection for some elements was much lower that enables their direct determination. The distribution of 39 elements (with intermediate/medium and long half-life radionuclides) after Fe removal was investigated.

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  • INAA
  • PIXE
  • Hydrochloric Acid Solution
  • DIPE
  • Radiochemical Separation