Distribution of 137Cs, 40K and 7Be in silver fir-tree (Abies alba L.) from Gorski Kotar, Croatia


Distribution of 137Cs, 40K and 7Be in tissues of the silver fir-tree was studied. Samples of the shoots were taken at six locations in Croatia during five years. Shoots were cut according to the year of growth and analyzed. Distribution between needles and twigs was also studied. Samples of the tree rings and the bark were taken at three locations. 137Cs and 40K showed very similar distributions. 137Cs and 40K activities were age-dependent and increased in decreasing age of twigs and needles. The highest activities were measured in the youngest twigs. The highest 7Be activities were found in the twigs.

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  • Bark
  • Cesium
  • Tree Ring
  • 137Cs Activity
  • Young Shoot