Synthesis and characterization of conjugated porous polyazomethines with excellent electrochemical energy storage performance


Polymer based energy storage devices have luminous advantages in comparison with currently employed supercapacitors due to the environmental friendliness, cost and versatility. In general conjugated polymers are more conductive than the inorganic battery materials and have greater power capability. In this report the electron-rich conjugated polymers, containing thiophene as the core named polyazomethines ware synthesized. It contains thiophene electron-donating unit and electron withdrawing unit in which quinoxaline integrated in benzene ring. The influence of the π-linkers of the polyazomethines materials on thermal properties, and electrochemical energy storage performance was investigated. Their outstanding electrochemical performance can be attributed to their conductive frameworks, plentiful redox-active units, and homogeneous porous structure. The electrochemical properties of the polyazomethines electrode are examined with cyclic voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. In addition, various electrolyte solutions are studied to investigate the capacitive behavior of polyazomethines. According to the differing electrolyte types, the maximum specific capacitance of PAM-3 electrode is obtained in 1 M NaOH as 253.40 F/g.

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The author AAG thanks to University Grant Commission, New Delhi for financial assistance in the form of major research project: UGC-MAJOR-MRP-CHEM-2013-39804.

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