Investigations on the performances of treated jute/Kenaf hybrid natural fiber reinforced epoxy composite

  • P. Anand
  • D. Rajesh
  • M. Senthil Kumar
  • I. Saran Raj


Natural fiber composite laminates are nowadays used in structural application such as aerospace, automobile and in sports goods because of their high strength to weight ratio and renewability. Hence the study of mechanical behaviors of natural fiber composites is very important in using these composite laminates for such specific applications. This project aims at identifying the mechanical properties of hybrid natural Jute/Kenaf fiber. The major drawbacks in natural fiber are its Resin incompatibility. Surface treatment of fiber is made to improve the interfacial bonding between the fiber and resin and to reduce the moisture absorption. Laminates are fabricated using Hand lay-up technique. Mechanical properties such as tensile, flexural, and Impact test for jute/kenaf hybrid laminates were obtained. Specimen preparation and Mechanical property testing were carried out as per ASTM standards. Micro structures of the different layer of hybrid specimens are scanned by the Scanning Electron Microscope.


Treated jute/Kenaf Fiber Hand lay-up technique Mechanical properties 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of Mechanical EngineeringVel Tech Rangarajan Dr. Sagunthala R & D Institute of Science and TechnologyChennaiIndia

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