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Pyrolysis kinetic of alkaline and dealkaline lignin using catalyst

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Catalytic pyrolysis process is promising method to degrade lignin using catalyst in the absence of oxygen. This study used spent catalyst to degrade lignin using slow and fast catalytic pyrolysis method. The yield of liquid, gas and solid of product of depolymerization lignin using fast catalytic pyrolysis were 25.4%, 25.2% and 49.3% respectively, with ratio of lignin to spent catalyst (1:4). For slow catalytic pyrolysis, those were 11.1%, 19.5% and 69.5%, respectively with temperature up to 300 °C. The kinetic and thermal behavior of alkaline and dealkaline lignin were investigated using thermogravimetric analysis and derivative thermogravimetry under nitrogen atmosphere. The dehydration of alkaline and dealkaline lignin with or without catalyst were investigated in the temperature range 210–400 °C. The apparent activation energies of alkaline lignin degradation with and without catalyst were 128 kJ/mol and 143 kJ/mol, respectively. The activation energies of dealkaline lignin with or without catalyst were 124 kJ/mol and 133 kJ/mol, respectively.

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We thank the ministry of science and technology of Taiwan for financially supporting this research under grant numbers MOST 105-2218-E-155-007.

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