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Synthesis and characterization of hybrid organic–inorganic materials based on sulphonated polyamideimide and silica


The preparation of hybrid organic–inorganic membrane materials based on a sulphonated polyamideimide resin and silica filler has been studied. The method allows the sol–gel process to proceed in the presence of a high molecular weight polyamideimide, resulting in well dispersed silica nanoparticles (<50 nm) within the polymer matrix with chemical bonding between the organic and inorganic phases. Tetraethoxysilane (TEOS) was used as the silica precursor and the organosilicate networks were bonded to the polymer matrix via a coupling agent aminopropyltriethoxysilane (APTrEOS). The structure and properties of these hybrid materials were characterized via a range of techniques including FTIR, TGA, DSC, SEM and contact angle analysis. It was found that the compatibility between organic and inorganic phases has been greatly enhanced by the incorporation of APTrEOS. The thermal stability and hydrophilic properties of hybrid materials have also been significantly improved.

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We acknowledge the Australian National Water for Healthy Country Flagship for the financial support of this work and Mr. Mark Greaves from CMSE for his kind help in taking SEM images.

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  • Sulphonated polyamideimide
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