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Table 8 Items for psychological dating abuse (α = 0.897)

From: Correlates of Cyber Dating Abuse Among Teens

Damaged something that belonged to mea
Started to hit me but stoppeda
Threatened to hurt mea
Harmed or threatened to harm someone close to meb
Would not let me do things with other peoplea
Told me I could not talk to a person of the gender I datea
Made me describe where I was every minute of the daya
Insisted on knowing who I am with and where I am at all timesb
Tried to limit my contact with familyb
Tried to limit my contact with friendsb
Insulted me in front of othersa
Put down my looksa
Blamed me for bad things he/she dida
Called me names to put me down or make me feel badb
Made me feel unsafe or uneasy when we spend time alone togetherc
Said things to hurt my feelings on purposea
Threatened to start dating someone elsea
Brought up something from the past to hurt mea
Made me feel owned or controlledc
Threatened to harm himself/herself if I broke up with him/herd
Made me afraid to tell others the truthc
  1. aItems are adapted from Foshee (1996)
  2. bThe control measure is from Michigan Department of Community Health (1997) and the item is adapted from Statistics Canada (2000)
  3. cThe fear measure is from Michigan Department of Community Health (1997)
  4. dThe item was developed for the current study