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Table 13 Items for psychosocial measures, past 7 days (Symptom Assessment-45)

From: Correlates of Cyber Dating Abuse Among Teens

Depressive symptoms (α = 0.892)
 Feeling lonely
 Feeling of worthlessness
 Feeling blue
 Feeling hopeless about the future
 Feeling no interest in things
Anger/hostility (α = 0.861)
 Having urges to break or smash things
 Having urges to beat, injure or harm someone
 Temper outbursts that you could not control
 Shouting or throwing things
 Getting into frequent arguments
Anxiety (α = 0.839)
 Being suddenly scared for no reason
 Spells of terror or panic
 Feeling so restless you could not sit still
 Feeling fearful
 Feeling tense or keyed up