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Entrepreneurial finance and technology transfer

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Scholars in technology transfer come from a variety of different backgrounds and employ different theoretical and methodological assumptions. Such multidisciplinary approach has fertilized the evolution of a florid technology transfer literature, with insights from entrepreneurship, economics, and management. This paper brings the perspective of entrepreneurial finance into the realm of technology transfer, and identifies emerging topics that can complement our understanding of some aspects of technology transfer, especially with regard to supply-side public policies. This article introduces the rationale for the special issue dedicated to entrepreneurial finance and technology transfer. We summarize the main topics and themes covered by a selection of papers presented at the annual conference of the Technology Transfer Society in 2013, and suggest areas for future research.

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Al Link and Don Siegel provided significant support that helped direct the 2013 Conference of the Technology Transfer Society and this related special issue to its successful completion. We would like to thank the reviewers without whom this special issue would not have been possible. J. Azagro-Caro, F. Bertoni, J. Block, M. G. Colombo, D. J. Cumming, D. Consoli, A. Fayolle, C. Fisch, M. Huelsbeck, M. Guerrero, P. Landoni, A. Khurshed, M. Meoli, T. Minola provided valuable assistance as discussants and reviewers of the papers.

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