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An Ideal Class to Construct Solutions for Skew Brownian Motion Equations


This paper contributes to the study of stochastic processes of the class \((\Sigma )\). First, we extend the notion of the above-mentioned class to càdlàg semi-martingales, whose finite variation part is considered càdlàg instead of continuous. Thus, we present some properties and propose a method to characterize such stochastic processes. Second, we investigate continuous processes of the class \((\Sigma )\). More precisely, we derive a series of new characterization results. In addition, we construct solutions for skew Brownian motion equations using continuous stochastic processes of the class \((\Sigma )\).

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We thank the referee for the careful reading of the paper and for valuable remarks.

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Eyi Obiang, F., Moutsinga, O. & Ouknine, Y. An Ideal Class to Construct Solutions for Skew Brownian Motion Equations. J Theor Probab 35, 894–916 (2022).

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  • Class \((\Sigma )\)
  • Skew Brownian motion
  • Balayage formula
  • Honest time
  • Relative martingales

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  • 60G07
  • 60G20
  • 60G46
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