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Convergence Towards an Asymptotic Shape in First-Passage Percolation on Cone-Like Subgraphs of the Integer Lattice


In first-passage percolation on the integer lattice, the shape theorem provides precise conditions for convergence of the set of sites reachable within a given time from the origin, once rescaled, to a compact and convex limiting shape. Here, we address convergence towards an asymptotic shape for cone-like subgraphs of the \({\mathbb {Z}}^d\) lattice, where \(d\ge 2\). In particular, we identify the asymptotic shapes associated with these graphs as restrictions of the asymptotic shape of the lattice. Apart from providing necessary and sufficient conditions for \(L^p\)- and almost sure convergence towards this shape, we investigate also stronger notions such as complete convergence and stability with respect to a dynamically evolving environment.

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The author would like to thank Olle Häggström for suggesting the dynamical version of first-passage percolation, as well as Robert Morris and Graham Smith for discussing some geometrical issues.

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  • First-passage percolation
  • Shape theorem
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  • Dynamical stability

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