Journal of Statistical Physics

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Artificial Spin-Ice and Vertex Models

  • Leticia F. Cugliandolo


In classical and quantum frustrated magnets the interactions in combination with the lattice structure impede the spins to order in optimal configurations at zero temperature. The theoretical interest in their classical realisations has been boosted by the artificial manufacture of materials with these properties, that are of flexible design. This note summarises work on the use of vertex models to study bidimensional spin-ices samples, done in collaboration with R. A. Borzi, M. V. Ferreyra, L. Foini, G. Gonnella, S. A. Grigera, P. Guruciaga, D. Levis, A. Pelizzola and M. Tarzia, in recent years. It is an invited contribution to a J. Stat. Mech. special issue dedicated to the memory of Leo P. Kadanoff.


Frustrated magnetism Vertex models Artificial spin-ice 



The research described in this note was carried on between 2011 and 2016 in collaboration with R. A. Borzi, M. V. Ferreyra, L. Foini, G. Gonnella, S. A. Grigera, P. C. Guruciaga, D. Levis, A. Pelizzola, J. Restrepo and M. Tarzia, all of whom I warmly thank. I also want to thank P. Holdsworth and L. Jaubert for very useful discussions and suggestions. I acknowledge financial support from ECOS-Sud A14E01, PICS 506691 (CNRS-CONICET Argentina) and NSF under Grant No. PHY11-25915. I am a member of Institut Universitaire de France.


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