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Scaling of Entanglement Entropy for the Heisenberg Model on Clusters Joined by Point Contacts

Possible Violation of the Area Law in Dimensions Greater than One


The scaling of entanglement entropy for the nearest neighbor antiferromagnetic Heisenberg spin model is studied computationally for clusters joined by a single bond. Bisecting the balanced three legged Bethe cluster, gives a second Renyi entropy and the valence bond entropy which scales as the number of sites in the cluster. For the analogous situation with square clusters, i.e. two \(L \times L\) clusters joined by a single bond, numerical results suggest that the second Renyi entropy and the valence bond entropy scales as L. For both systems, the environment and the system are connected by the single bond and interaction is short range. The entropy is not constant with system size as suggested by the area law.

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