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Determination of the Stability Constants of Gold(I) Thiosulfate Complexes by Differential UV Spectroscopy

  • Published:
Journal of Solution Chemistry Aims and scope Submit manuscript


The stability constants of gold(I) thiosulfate complexes have been determined by differential UV spectroscopy. The aqueous solutions contained 6 × 10−4 mol·dm−3 Na3Au(S2O3)2 and a variable amount of Na2S2O3 to vary the Au:S2O3 ratio over the range 1:5–1:200 and NaClO4 to maintain a constant ionic strength. The measurement of the absorbance of the solutions under investigation has been made in the range 220–300 nm with respect to reference solutions containing all constituents except gold(I) complexes. The stability constant values have been determined to be log10 β 1 (\( {\text{AuS}}_{2} {\text{O}}_{3}^{ - } \)) = 17.43 (±0.05), log10 β 2 \(({\text{Au}}({{\text{S}}_{2}{\text{O}}_{3}})_{2}^{3-})\) = 23.81 (±0.05) at an ionic strength of the solution of 0.5 mol·dm−3 (NaClO4) and a temperature of 295 K. These values are close to the log10 β values which are predicted on the basis of correlation relationships.

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