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UV-Vis Investigation on the Hydrocarbon Length Effect on the α-Tocopherol Solubility in an AOT/n-Alkane/Water System


The influence of n-alkane hydrocarbon chain length on both binding and distribution constants of α-tocopherol and Aerosol-OT [sodium bis(2-ethylhexyl) sulfosuccinate] reversed micelles were studied with the UV-vis method using n-heptane and n-decane as solvents. The amount of water in the system was determined by R defined as the ratio of water to surfactant molalities (\(R=[\hbox{H$_{2}$O}]/[\hbox{AOT}]\)). No significant water influence on distribution and binding constants was observed. This finding is consistent with earlier results, which indicated that the location of α-tocopherol molecules in the AOT reversed micelles is the palisade layer. The results obtained indicate that the longer hydrocarbon chain length makes surroundings of micelles more ordered and causes some limitations in α-tocopherol access to its palisade layer. This implies a weaker connection to the micellar structure and an increase of α-tocopherol freedom of motion in the space of hydrocarbon tails around polar core.

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  • Reversed micelles
  • UV-vis
  • α-Tocopherol
  • n-Alkanes