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Main features of the deep structure by local earthquake tomography and active tectonics: case of Rif Mountain (morocco) and Betic Cordillera (Spain)

  • Y. Timoulali
  • Y. Hahou
  • N. Jabour
  • R. Merrouch
  • A. El Kharrim
Original Article


Within the Spain and Moroccan networks, a large volume of seismic data has been collected and used for investigating the lithosphere in the Betic–Rif Cordillera. The present study has two main goals: (1) Use the most actual seismological data from recent earthquakes in the Betic–Rif arc for investigating the lithosphere through the application of seismic local tomography techniques. (2) Define the possible structural blocks and explain the GPS velocities perturbation in this region. The resolution tests results indicate that the calculated images gave a close true structure for the studied regions from 5- to 60-km depth. The resulting tomographic image shows that the presence of two upper crust body (velocity 6.5 km/s) at 3- to 13-km depth between Iberian Betic and Moroccan Rif in the western and in the middle of Alboran Sea also shows the low velocity favoring the presence of melt in the base of these two bodies. The crustal bodies forms tectonic blocks in the Central Rif and in the Central Betic Cordillera.


Betic–Rif Cordillera Earthquakes tomography Crustal velocity Tectonics blocks 



I thank the Instituto Geografico National (IGN, Madrid–Spain) and the Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique et Technique (CNRST, Rabat–Morocco). This study was supported by the CNRST- PROTARS D15/41 project.


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  • Y. Hahou
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  • N. Jabour
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  • R. Merrouch
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