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Investigation on Magnetic and Magnetocaloric Properties of DySe2 | SpringerLink

Investigation on Magnetic and Magnetocaloric Properties of DySe2


The magnetization measurements have been performed to bring out the magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of polycrystalline DySe2 system synthesized by solid state reaction and duly characterized by X-ray diffraction. Room temperature XRD analysis reveals tetragonal structure for this system. Temperature-dependent magnetization measurements display paramagnetic to antiferromagnetic transition at the Neel temperature (TN) ~ 4.7 K. The TN exhibits systematic decrease with increase in magnetic field. Isothermal magnetization data exhibits a field-induced meta-magnetic transition below TN. The onset magnetic field for the meta-magnetic transition decreases with increase in temperature. Arrot plot analysis reveals that both the paramagnetic to antiferromagnetic and the meta-magnetic transitions are first order in nature. Isothermal magnetic entropy change (ΔS) with temperature exhibits negative nonmonotonic behavior with a peak (ΔSmax) for field change ΔH > 10 kOe. The value of ΔSmax is found to be ~ 11.7 J/kg-K for a field change of 70 kOe.

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The authors acknowledge Dr. R. M. Sarguna, MSG/IGACR for the powder XRD measurements. The authors acknowledge UGC-DAE-CSR node at Kokilamedu for providing access to VSM facility.

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Correspondence to A. T. Sathyanarayana.

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  • Magnetization
  • Entropy
  • First-order transition