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Superconductivity in Oxychalcogenide LaREO2Bi3Ag0.6Sn0.4S6 (RE = Pr and Nd)


We have investigated the structural, electrical, and magnetic properties of oxychalcogenide LaREO2Bi3Ag0.6Sn0.4S6 (RE = Pr and Nd) superconductors. The LaREO2Bi3Ag0.6Sn0.4S6 (RE = Pr and Nd) samples are composed of a single La2O2Bi3AgS6 phase without any impurity phase. The superconducting onset temperature of LaREO2Bi3Ag0.6Sn0.4S6 (RE = Pr and Nd) is \(\sim \) 4.1 K, which is slightly higher than 2.8 K observed for La2O2Bi3Ag0.6Sn0.4S6.

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This work was supported by a 2-Year Research Grant of Pusan National University.

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  • BiS2-based superconductor
  • La2O2Bi3AgS6
  • Oxychalcogenide