Structural, Optical, and Dielectric Studies on Sr-Doped Biferroic YCrO3

  • S. Tiwari
  • M. SaleemEmail author
  • A. Mishra
  • D. Varshney
Original Paper


In this work, the solid-state synthesis of Y1-xSrxCrO3 (x = 0.0, 0.1) samples has been reported. The X-ray diffraction data analysis confirmed that the synthesized samples have crystallized into the orthorhombic phase with the assigned space group Pbnm. The Rietveld refinement of the XRD data confirmed the structure and other related parameters. The slight variation in the lattice parameters and negligible shift in the reflection peaks reveals the uniform dispersion of Sr at Y-site in the parent YCrO3 matrix. The dielectric characterization revealed the good dielectric nature of the prepared samples which decreases with Sr doping. Field emission scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM) revealed that an agglomeration type process has taken place in the sample preparation. Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) characterization witnessed the formation of orthorhombic phase of the samples under study displaying sharp absorption bands corresponding to Cr–O stretching, Y/Sr–O stretching, and O–Cr–O deformation vibration, respectively. UV-Vis spectroscopy analysis revealed the dual direct allowed bandgap of the samples assigned to the Cr3+ ion transition in the ground level.


Nanoparticles Structure Rietveld refinement Morphology Dielectric properties 



UGC-DAE CSR, as an institute, is acknowledged for extending its facilities. Authors acknowledge fruitful discussion with Dr. V. Ganesan, Dr. D. M. Phase, Dr. M. Gupta, and Dr. R. Venkatesh, of UGC-DAE CSR, Indore. Thanks to Prof. Dr. Pratibha Sharma, School of Chemical Science, Indore, for availing the FTIR (Fourier transform infrared radiation) facility. Late Prof. Dr. D. Varshney is acknowledged gratefully for his guidance and energy generation to carryout this work.


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