Customized MgB2 Superconducting Wire Toward Practical Applications at Sam Dong in Korea

  • Jun Hyuk Choi
  • Dong Gun Lee
  • Ju Heum Jeon
  • Ee Joo Lee
  • Minoru MaedaEmail author
  • Seyong ChoiEmail author
Original Paper


MgB2 superconducting wire from Sam Dong Co., Ltd. in Korea is suitable for various applications, including medical resonance imaging, fault current limiters, power cables, and transformers. So far, issues related to the wire production cost, current-carrying capacity, and conductor length (kilometers) are very important for further commercialization. Since 2014, our intensive research efforts have led to notable progress. Herein, we summarize and discuss our advanced research for achieving high-performance, scalable, and cost-effective MgB2 wires at Sam Dong. Based on our accumulated technical know-how, we will continue to fabricate more competitive and efficient MgB2 superconducting wires that will be suitable for the customer’s purposes.


MgB2 wire Conductor design Conductor fabrication Scalable production Kilometer-length superconducting wire Critical current density 



The authors express their gratitude to Prof. Jung Ho Kim and Dr. Tania Silver, University of Wollongong, Australia, for fruitful discussion and critical reading of the manuscript. The authors also express their gratitude to the Sam Dong Co., Ltd., Korea, for the support.

Funding information

This work was supported by the Technology Innovation Program or Industrial Strategic Technology Development Program (20002088, Scalable integration of MgB2 superconducting wire towards cost effectiveness and industrial competitiveness) funded By the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy (MOTIE, Korea). This study was also supported by 2017 Research Grant from Kangwon National University.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Daejeon R&D Center, Sam Dong Co., Ltd.DaejeonRepublic of Korea
  2. 2.Department of Electrical Engineering and Research Institute for EnergyKangwon National UniversitySamcheokRepublic of Korea

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