Ferromagnetism in Fe-doped BaTiO3 Ceramics

  • Bipul Deka
  • S. Ravi
Original Paper


Polycrystalline samples of BaTi1−xFexO3 (x = 0.00–0.30) are prepared by solid-state reaction method and their structural and magnetic properties are studied. Detailed investigation of XRD patterns reveal the coexistence of tetragonal (space group P4mm) and hexagonal phases (space group P6 3/mmc) for x ≥ 0.1. Magnetic measurements reveal room-temperature ferromagnetism in x = 0.15–0.3 samples, and their ferromagnetic transition temperature increases from 397 K for x = 0.15 to 464 K for x = 0.3. The initial magnetization curves for x = 0.15–0.3 are analyzed in terms of bound magnetic polaron (BMP) model. The analysis of susceptibility data in the paramagnetic region by Curie-Weiss law confirms the ferromagnetic transition for x ≥ 0.15 and the effective magnetic moment systematically increases with increase in Fe concentration.


Fe-doped BaTiO3 Bound magnetic polaron Ferromagnetism 



We acknowledge CIF, IIT, Guwahati, for VSM and Raman facilities. We are thankful to Dr. M. Kar, IIT, Patna, for providing the FE-SEM facilities.


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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsIndian Institute of Technology GuwahatiGuwahatiIndia

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