Magnetic Properties of a Nano-graphene Monolayer with Higher-Order Exchange Interaction Coupling

  • A. Feraoun
  • M. Kerouad
Original Paper


Using the Monte Carlo simulation, we have studied the phase diagrams and the hysteresis behaviors of a single layer Ising nanographene with next-nearest neighbors coupling J 2 and four-spin interaction J 4 in the presence of a crystal field D and applied magnetic field h. It can emphasize that, for appropriate system parameters, the nanographene can exhibit a new phenomenon manifested in the emergence of an antiferromagnetic phase sandwiched between two ferromagnetic ones. Concerning the hysteresis behavior, the system can present a multiple hysteresis loops.


Monte Carlo simulation Nanographene Phase diagrams Hysteresis behaviors 



This work has been initiated with the support of URAC: 08 and the project PPR: (MESRSFC-CNRST).


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Laboratoire de Physique des Matériaux et Modélisation des Systèmes (LP2MS), Unité Associée au CNRST-URAC: 08, Faculty of SciencesUniversity Moulay IsmailMeknesMorocco

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