Angular-Dependent Vortex Pinning Properties of YBa2Cu3O7−δ /Y2O3 Quasi-Multilayers

  • H. X. Zhong
  • X. M. Liu
  • M. Boubeche
  • Y. Q. Guo
  • M. J. Li
  • C. Y. Bai
  • Z. Y. Liu
  • Y. M. Lu
  • C. B. CaiEmail author
Original Paper


A series of quasi-multilayers of YBa2Cu3O7−δ (YBCO)/Y2O3 specifically 70 × (m YBCO/n Y2O3) were prepared on SrTiO3 single crystal using pulsed-laser deposition (PLD) with a controlled deposition pulses of m = 40 and n = 2, 5, and 10 for YBCO and Y2O3, respectively. The x-ray diffraction patterns indicate that all the present quasi-multilayers exhibit good c-axis orientation. The angular dependence of critical current density (J c ) on applied magnetic field directions are systemically measured to study the anisotropic vortex pinning performances for those quasi-multilayers. It is revealed that compared with the pure YBCO films, the quasi-multilayers with n = 2, i.e., a proper constituent pulse of Y2O3, exhibits the enhanced vortex pinning abilities in all angles between c-axis orientation and the applied magnetic field direction. As well, such a quasi-multilayer film (n = 2) shows the higher lift factor J c (Θ)/ J c (90°) and much better vortex pinning properties at high fields and high temperatures, showing promising potential for coated conductor application.


YBCO Quasi-multilayer Angular-dependent 



This work was supported in part by National Program on Key Basic Research Project (2016YFF0101701); the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality (16521108400, 16DZ0504300 and 14521102800); and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (51572165 and 51202141).


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  • X. M. Liu
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  • M. Boubeche
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  • Y. Q. Guo
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  • M. J. Li
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  • C. Y. Bai
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  • Z. Y. Liu
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  • Y. M. Lu
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  • C. B. Cai
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    Email author
  1. 1.Shanghai Key Laboratory of High Temperature Superconductors, Physics DepartmentShanghai UniversityShanghaiChina

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