Flux Jump Behaviors and Mechanism of MgB2 Synthesized by the Non-special Atmosphere Synthesis


MgB2 samples were prepared from a stoichiometry mixture of Mg and B inside stainless steel tubes. The transition temperature of the specimens was 37.5 K with a sharp transition width within 1 K. From the magnetic hysteresis measurements, flux jump was observed up to 15 K. The flux jump is believed to begin at the fluxes pinned at the defects. An over-moving flux situation formed at the places where there were moving fluxes that had been pinned at the defect and steady state ones. The flux jumps depend not on the amount of impurities and second phases, but on their distribution, pinning strength and heat capacity.

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This study was supported for 2 years by a Pusan National University Research Grant.

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  • MgB2
  • Flux jump
  • NAS process