RETRACTED ARTICLE: The Effect of Preparation Temperature on the Superconducting Parameters of Cu1−x Tl x Ba2Ca2Cu3 O 10−δ Superconductor

  • M. TariqEmail author
  • M. Zubair
Original Paper


The effect of preparation temperature on the superconducting properties of Cu1−x Tl x Ba2Ca2Cu3 O 10−δ samples has been explored. With the increase of preparation temperature beyond 840 °C, the observed superconducting parameters are suppressed which might be due to impurities caused by the volatility of some constituents such as thallium and oxygen deficiencies as well in the final compound. The shift of three-dimensional (3D) Aslamazov-Larkin (AL) regions to the lower temperature and the decrease in the crossover temperature and with the increase of preparation temperature beyond 840 °C is observed by using the fluctuation-induced conductivity (FIC) analysis. A direct correlation between the zero resistivity critical temperature T c (R = 0), the zero-temperature coherence length ξ c (0), the crossover temperature T o , as well as carrier concentration has also been observed.


Cu1−xTlxBa2Ca2Cu3O10−δ superconductor Preparation temperature Fluctuation-induced conductivity 


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  1. 1.Materials Science Laboratory, Department of PhysicsQuaid-i-Azam UniversityIslamabadPakistan

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