Surface Plasmon Resonance Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect in Au/Co/Au Magneto-Plasmonic Multilayer

  • S. M. HamidiEmail author
  • H. Goudarzi
  • S. Sadeghi
Original Paper


Surface plasmon resonance magneto-optical Kerr effect is studied in magneto-plasmonic multilayer as Au (11 nm)/Co (11 nm)/Au (11 nm). Our experimental setup is consists of spectral magneto-optical rotation in Kretschmann-based attenuated total reflection condition as surface plasmon resonance magneto-optical Kerr effect. Based on this new experimental setup, the sample exposed under external magnetic filed at surface plasmon resonance angle. Our results show sufficient surface plasmon resonance magneto-optical Kerr effect in visible region, thanks to the resonant excitation of surface plasmons which is very suitable for miniaturized and controllable magneto-optical imaging systems, memory, and also magneto-optical isolators.


Magneto-plasmonic multilayer Surface plasmon resonance Magneto-optical Kerr effect Kretschmann configuration 


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