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Structural and Magnetic Properties of Co(Cr1−y Al y )2O4 (y=0.0–0.2) Compounds


We present the structural and magnetic properties of Co(Cr1−y Al y )2O4 compounds prepared by the sol-gel technique for y=0.00,0.025,0.05,0.075,0.10,0.15 and 0.20. It has been observed that non-magnetic Al+3 substitution for Cr+3 enhances the magnetization at low temperatures compared to that of the parent compound. With increase in Al concentration spiral magnetic transition observed at around 24 K becomes less prominent, without affecting the ferrimagnetic transition temperature at around 97 K. The saturation magnetization values after subtracting the paramagnetic contribution vary from 0.036 μB/f.u to 0.376 μB/f.u. The enhanced ferromagnetic interaction and resultant magnetization could be explained in terms of decrease in Cr+3–O–Cr+3 bond angle with increase in doping concentration.

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R.P. acknowledges Ulhas V. Vaidya for his help in the experiments and B. Samantaray, N.S. Sangeetha and S. Mohanty for their help in Rietveld refinement with the FULL PROFF program.

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