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Quantum-Secured Data Transmission in Urban Fiber-Optics Communication Lines

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Journal of Russian Laser Research Aims and scope


Quantum key distribution (QKD) provides theoretic information security in communication based on the laws of quantum physics. In this work, we report an implementation of quantum-secured data transmission in the infrastructure of Sberbank of Russia in standard communication lines in Moscow. The experiment is realized on the basis of already deployed urban fiber-optics communication channels with significant losses. We realize the decoy-state BB84 QKD protocol using the one-way scheme with polarization encoding for generating keys. Quantum-generated keys are then used for continuous key renewal in the hardware devices for establishing a quantum-secured VPN Tunnel between two offices of Sberbank. The hybrid approach used offers possibilities for long-term protection of the transmitted data; it is promising for integrating in the already existing information security infrastructure.

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