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Numerical Modeling of Thermomechanical Stresses Generated in a Thin Film Under Laser-Pulse Action


We develop a mathematical model for calculating thermomechanical stresses generated in a thin film under laser-pulse action. We propose a model that also allows one to evaluate the duration of transient processes and determine laser-pulse parameters, including a profile that is particularly useful for studies of triboluminescent materials. The model includes a nonstationary heat equation and a thermoelasticity equation, which we solve numerically using the finite difference method.

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Correspondence to E. A. Ryndin.

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Translated from manuscript first submitted on August 27, 2013 and in final form on October 28, 2013.

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Ryndin, E.A., Isaeva, A.S. Numerical Modeling of Thermomechanical Stresses Generated in a Thin Film Under Laser-Pulse Action. J Russ Laser Res 35, 326–332 (2014).

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  • mathematical model
  • thermoelasticity equation
  • heat equation
  • mechanical stress