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The Source and Impact of Specific Parameters that Enhance Well-Being in Daily Life


The purpose of this study was to review four parameters (forgiveness, gratitude, hope and empathy) frequently noted when evaluating well-being. We reviewed clinical studies from 1966 to present. We included 63 articles. All four of the parameters were shown to generally improve an individual’s well-being. These parameters demonstrated a positive influence within more specific societal issues including improvement in social relationships, delinquent behavior and physical health. These parameters were generally derived from training and religion. This study suggests that these parameters may improve either one of general well-being, pro-social and positive relational behavior and demonstrate positive health effects.

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This study received financial support from Teleios, Inc., a private foundation.

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Stewart, W.C., Reynolds, K.E., Jones, L.J. et al. The Source and Impact of Specific Parameters that Enhance Well-Being in Daily Life. J Relig Health 55, 1326–1335 (2016).

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  • Well-being
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  • Forgiveness
  • Gratitude
  • Hope
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