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The Evil Eye—An Ancient Superstition


This paper describes and discusses the ancient superstition of the Evil Eye. The author describes his own personal childhood introduction to the subject of the Evil Eye which years later instigated his scholarly inquiry. The history of this very geographically widespread folk belief is elaborated upon, along with common manifestations as they appear in a number of different countries and cultures. Some of the methods used to thwart the negative effects of the Evil Eye are enumerated. Relevant psychodynamics and common expressions of the Evil Eye superstition are elucidated upon.

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Correspondence to Allan S. Berger.

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Author’s Note: My father, favorite uncle and three cousins—of blessed memory—were ophthalmologists. Healing the eye was the essence of their lives. Although my own discipline is the brain, I feel that in writing this paper about the eye, I am honoring their memory.

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